The increasing importance of responsive web design

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The increasing importance of responsive web design

Currently, I’m staying at my dad’s house and he doesn’t have Internet. He’s one of those people that didn’t bother investing into technology as the younger generation (like myself) has.

He focuses his time on enjoying retirement, keeping up with what’s going on in the news and his maintaining his health. The ad’s he sees are primarily on television (in commercials and product placement) as well as in newspapers. The fact is, he’s completely content with that.

However, I found when I visit him, I’m either paying a heck of a lot of money on data overage fees on my cellphone or I’m constantly upping my cellphone data, the third alternative, well that involves me working from a local Tim Horton’s down the street.

Being a web designer a generation reliant on technology, I’ve gotten very used to doing nearly everything on my mobile device. I use it for everything from checking my online banking to viewing restaurants nearest to me. Even dare I say it, shop online.

There’s a sort of comfort that comes along with having the ability to get what needs to be done with the tap of a button from wherever you are.

Some instances it could be used are:

Example 1

If it’s speaking with a dear friend that may be struggling with money, you can help them right there and not have to wait until the next morning for the bank to open.

Example 2

Or it could be viewing product reviews before buying it. I know that in the older generations (not to date you) but you’d ask each other’s opinion on that new product you just bought. Whether it’s the new lawnmower from Mastercraft or if you’re looking to hire a landscaper, You found comfort in hearing about another persons experiences with a particular product or service.

In today’s day in age, we use this thing called the World Wide Web (…too far?) and what’s even worse, IT FITS IN OUR POCKETS!!! (…okay definitely too far…). We can instantly compare our opinion against hundreds of others. It’s simply easier to see what’s available near b.y

We use mobile devices of all varieties to preform daily tasks. This isn’t only a trend but becoming a way of life for many people. Being a part of this ever growing requirement for technology means your business needs to evolve and for that, accommodations must be made.

As an added note, when we contact a business about a website sometimes we get the odd response of,

 “We don’t get our business from online, they’re all walk-ins”.

As mentioned above, the ever-growing need for businesses to be online is increasing and if you’re not being found online, simply put, you’re not being found.

A harsh reality is that people aren’t going to be driving around looking for your business if your not bothering to make yourself visible or known to them. They’re going to go straight to your competitors and you’ll be scrambling to keep your doors open last-minute.

We want to help you with that, we want your business to flourish and grow beyond expectation.

We can help create a beautiful website that both reaches your intended target market and represents your business accurately. This could be either through walk-ins or online traffic

Contact us, we’d be happy to talk about the solutions we can create for you to meet all of your business goals.


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