9 Simple Tips to Get Your Website Ready This Holiday

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9 Simple Tips to Get Your Website Ready This Holiday

Are you ready for the holidays? I can tell you that I sure am and I want you to be too. Following are 9 simple tips you can use on your website today to get ready for the holidays.

Tip 1: [shop] Create a Promo Code for your online shop.

A great starting point for any holiday strategy is to begin incentivizing them to get prepared for the holidays through getting the shopping done early! This would create a sense of urgency for your customers and let them know you are ready for the rush.

So now you’ve made the sale, how do you get them coming back? Better yet, how do you get them to bring others to your e-commerce website? An easy solution would be to offer discounts to your consumer. Rather than devalue your product try other deals such as discounted or free shipping!

Tip 2: Improve page load speed

Nothing sucks more than seeing a really awesome product or service and when wanting to find out more, the website load is so slow you lose interest and look for something else or even worse go to another competitor’s website. Your page load speed is critical in retaining customers and keeping them engaged on your website for longer.

Some quick tips to increasing page load speed

  1. Upload images optimized for web or use this sweet tool! (TinyPNG)
  2. Minify your JavaScript and CSS resources
  3. or at the least, compile them together (this will create less HTTP Requests)
  4. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

By using these tips, it can speed up your website significantly. If not for your customers then at least, do it for google.

Tip 3: Fix broken links

This seems a bit like a no-brainer but actively performing maintenance on your site will improve your user experience (UX) and ensure you know the ins-&-outs of your back-end. Broken links on your website will have your visitors bouncing from your website in no time. Use this free tool to analyze your website for broken links.

Tip 4: Decorate your website for the holidays

It might sound cheesy but when a business or brand updates their website with holiday marketing, nothing gets my inner entrepreneur more excited. It tells me that they’re staying current, they want you to engage with them. In the end, we both know you want to do the same!

An example of easy holiday marketing strategy is creating website banners or festive sliders to make it feel a little more like the holidays. Ever think about tweaking your marketing copy to incorporate the seasons? Try it and see how it turns out.

Note, do it tastefully and be aware of your audience.

Tip 5: Be ready with customer support

Have you ever had a question about a particular product but couldn’t quite find the answers you were looking for but also didn’t feel that reaching out to the company via “contact form” was the best use of their time or you really weren’t that interested?

Here’s 2 great no-risk ideas you can implement today to answer some of those questions your customers/visitors may have and generate some sales.

  1. Create a FAQ page that lists the top 10 questions that you get about your product, workflow process, whatever you do. Create the list of questions, and answers and you’ll be sure to spark more engagement with your product or service.
  2. Setup a chat modal into your website. It’s super easy! We use TAWK. It’s completely free, easy to use and man goes it go a long way in customer support! The visitor just types their name and asks the question, you then receive a notification on your computer OR Mobile Phone (through the also free app) and get chatting.

Tip 6: Prepare for SEO changes

SEO might not be your most favourite part of website maintenance but it really does help with ranking in Google, especially when doing it early enough the right way.

  1. Start by creating your social media material early.
  2. Then, figure out your alternative text (what Google will read to visitors using screen readers (visitors with visual impairments)..) Make the alternative text descriptive enough to explain how the image relates to the corresponding text.
  3. Following that, give a good few minutes when you create links to calls to action or downloadable resources. Please stop using “Click here to read more” or “Click here to learn more”, it’s not working. Here’s 3 examples of what you should be doing instead:
    1. Are you ready for more traffic to your website? Show me the way!
    2. Subscribe now to learn the 4 crucial steps to effective wine tasting
    3. Sorry, domain.com is taken. Still want it? Here’s what you do.

A clear call to action will indicate to your users what action they are going to be taking with click, as it should do.

Tip 7: [shop] Focus on popular products and categories

There are a few steps to this that will help with generating sales and here they are:

  1. Highlight products and categories that are selling really well.
  2. Create up-sells and cross-sells (upsell is displaying a specific product perhaps with multiple variances. (i.e. a flower shop might display a bouquet of flowers and the upsell would also display 2 other bouquets, the second with more flowers and the third with even more flowers and a teddy bear. A cross sell would be recommending a vase that matches really well with that bouquet. If done correctly, you’ll be laughing.
  3. Create a sense of urgency, not panic. Mark up the price of your product a bit, create a popup offering a discount offsetting the cost, display a message stating limited time offer or only a select amount left in stock. If your execution is good, it may get your visitors to purchase in a bit more haste than when they first arrived.

Tip 8: Get on Social

Talk about the upcoming holiday and how your product would benefit your ideal customer in their biggest time of need. If you sell cleaning supplies “The only product you need to clean your home before your mother-in-law shows up, uninvited.”

Pro tip: Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They will be your best friends during the holidays.

Tip 9: Rock your mailing list

Here we are, at my bread-and-butter again.

Your mailing list should be one with your business. Build that list before the upcoming holidays because you can really make a huge impact with it. With a mailing list, you can inform potential customers about upcoming sales, changes within your organization and new products or services.

There are 3 opportunities for every email you send out.

  1. If they read and click – Thank them for clicking and send them another great offer, there’s a good chance a customer will re-purchase after purchasing from the first email.
  2. If they read and don’t click – send another email following up to see why they didn’t click and offer some great reason they need to check out your products or services.
  3. If they do not read – That’s okay, not the end of the world, just resend the initial email in a few days and start the process over again, maybe they accidentally deleted the email or just honestly haven’t opened it yet.

Think we missed something? Add it in the comments below, we'd love to hear your feed back!


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