Grab Your Customers Attention Before Christmas Shopping Ends With These 2 Website Tips Now!

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Grab Your Customers Attention Before Christmas Shopping Ends With These 2 Website Tips Now!

You already know that the platform you use to manage your website is far superior to any WordPress or Wix website and I'm about to prove it.

Tip #1: Create Discount Coupon Code

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click the Simple Cart App then go to Discounts and then click the Green Add New button.

Step 2: You're then going to give the discount a Name, Create the actual "promo code" Select which discount type,  the amount (if $ or %), the start and end date along with activating it.

Once active, after a potential customer selects something from your shop, they can view their cart and apply the promo code and click Update and BAM! Promo code applied the purchase is soon on it's way to you.

View my example shop page

Tip #2: Create a Photo Gallery showing off your staff, products, store and even happy customers.

Believe it or not, photos do mean 1000 words. With this in mind, you can create a campaign using two easy to use apps with your platform.

  • App 1: The Form Builder
  • App 2: The Gallery App

Step 1: From the Dashboard, The Form Builder App, then click Manage Forms then click the Add New button.

Step 2: Create the appropriate form fields, this should be rather short because we want this to be very affective.

I used "Your Name" (Text Field), Your Email (in case they wanted a follow up), File Attachment (labeled Upload Photo *Required), Spam blocker to keep pesky spam out and the submit button.

Edit the Form Settings and give the form a name, make sure the form submissions get directed to your correct email address, update the subject line and on-submission message.


Step 3:  Create A page to display the Form on.

After saving, from your dashboard, click the Web Pages app and click Add New. Give the page a name, select Normal Page, Give it an easy URL and page title.

Select the Page Layout you'd like, type the information you'd like to tell your visitors about your campaign, and click your mouse cursor on a content section of the page your editing and press the Smart Code Generator Icon (top right of the edit bar) (checkmark) . Click Forms, select Insert Forms, Select the form you just created, click Add. 

Save the Page

Step 4: Add it to your navigation.

From your dashboard click "Navigation", click Add New, give the navigation item a Name (what will show up in the navigation), description if you'd like, Navigation type: Internal, Select the new page you created, Give it a Parent item (so it drops down if that's how you'd like it to be displayed), Select the appropriate navigation (at least Main Nav Bar), then Save.

View My Example

Voila, you've just created a photo campaign where you can then strengthen your relationship with your paying customers by sending them a follow up than you email and asking if they'd like to be sent promotional emails - and inform them about the new discount you just created and use those photos in social media and on your website. #WINNNNN!


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