Trying to get more money generated from your website? I was too...

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Trying to get more money generated from your website? I was too...

We're rolling out with a 6 part series of blog-posts that will teach you not only how to generate more money by using your website but why these 6 tips are so important to bringing you more business. The following are 6 proven ways you can use the built-in Tymbrel apps to make more money straight from your website and trust me they work.

Tip 1: Collect deposits or down payments through your website

If you run a service or consulting company, you can now collect deposits or down payments using the built-in SimpleCart App on your website dashboard. That way, customers can send a payment right through your website, and you can get to work faster.

Tip 2: Grow your business with a membership website

Use the built-in Members App to build a subscription business or to create 'Member Only' areas on your site accessible only to paying clients.

Tip 3: Use your website as a mobile payment machine

With our SimpleCart App, you don’t need to lease a mobile payment machine to take credit card payments. You just need your computer or a tablet.


Tip 4: Get your people talking

The Testimonial App allows you to display dynamic information throughout your website in a variety of ways.

Do you have a customer testimonials about a specific product or service Get em' to talk about it. You can also use the Testimonial App to display staff or team comments about your products.

Tip 5: Sell Gift Certificates Online

It's super easy to sell gift certificates through your website. It's one thing to sell products but if you sell services instead, this is one way you can bring in more money.

Tip 6: Use the Ad Agent to sell ad space on your website to strategic alliances.

Your website has many benefits for being on our platform and one of them is you can freely create ads where ever you want and charge your merchants whatever you feel is appropriate.


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