Collect deposits or down payments through your website

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Collect deposits or down payments through your website

This blog post is part of a 6 part series Generate more money from your website.

If you run a service or consulting company, you can now collect deposits or down payments using the built-in SimpleCart App on your website dashboard. That way, customers can send a payment right through your website, and you can get to work faster.

Why it's important

As a service or consulting company, it may seem a little unusual to think of using your website as a method of collecting deposits or down payments but I assure you, even though it may seem weird. It works.

It shows your clientele that your serious about business. First of all, a down payment or deposit is just standard practice in business and should be even more so if your selling services. You want to get paid for your work, don't you? Well secure that client by getting a down payment or deposit ( it should also be noted that these are non-refundable) you don't want to be 50% complete and the client asks for money back because they're not satisfied with work you've already done. Regarding that, have a solid contract in place and have a lawyer look it over.

Getting a payment through your website is also incredibly convenient. I mean, you have your laptop open during the meeting anyway, have them fill out a quick payment form to process the payment.

Our platform easily allows for website (business) owners to create a "product" where the price is set at a default down-payment or deposit. and it's really simple to accomplish!

How It's done

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click SimpleCart

From the dashboard, click SimpleCart

Step 2: Click Product and the Add New button

Click Product and Add New

Step 3: Fill out the required forms. Name, Set it to active, create a url suffix, select product type regular, Select Shipping (create free shipping option), Set Price and SKU, and fill in the product excerpt, description and upload an image. Save

Step 4: Collect your payment.

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