Grow your business with a membership website

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Grow your business with a membership website

This blog post is part of a 6 part series Generate more money from your website.

Use the built-in Members App to build a subscription business or to create 'Member Only' areas on your site accessible only to paying clients.

Why It's Important

Whether you're in the business of personal fitness / training, education or mould remediation, people will pay to receive quality information. It all depends on how you position your members area benefits.

Here are some examples of how different industries create subscriptions or members only sections.

CMSIntelligence - Web design agency: they have created a Members only area for other agencies that use their platform where agencies can purchase TurnKey Designs, Request support and review support documentation. CMSIntelligence can then charge a Fee for access to these resources and additional support.

WineVirgin - Wine Community - Host Program: WineVirgin has successfully harnessed the members app to create a custom tailored experience to members that want to experience Wine without feeling pretentious. Members can login, Make an inquiry to an expert asking a specific question, they can download wine resources available to them and So Much More! Checkout today!

GF1 Security - Security Services - Student Center: GF1 Secasurity uses the members app to create a student center where students of the program can review documents and resources that pertain to their course that their enrolled in and they GF1 Security can again, charge a fee for these services.

Aerial Smart Surveying Services - Industry Subscription: A3S uses the Membership app as a Subscription Service where industries like Industrial Inspection, Surveying and Media can receive new information regarding to their specific industry. For instance, a Realestate brokerage would have an account and would have information readily available regarding drone videography in the Realestate industry - how it works, what the process is, how it's being used and what kinds of companies are using it.

How It's Done

To create a membership section to your website, theres a few steps you'll need to follow in order to have it display correctly and function properly. Some of the Information we'll be going over are Member Groups, Page Member Access and Smart Codes.

First, you'll need to create a Member Group in the Members App. So, from the Dashboard, click Members, then Groups, then Add New.

This will allow you to create the Name of the specific Group - if you're creating multiple groups - for different levels of Fitness Packages, you can create 3 groups, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze will have a few resources.

Silver will have everything Bronze has and some more.

Gold will have everything Bronze and Silver has and and more.

See where I'm going with this?

Okay, now that we've created our Membership Groups, it's time to create our Membership Content. And there's loads of options we have available. From creating pages of content with information or a gallery or even Shop Products to only allowing certain blog posts read by selected  Member Group Types. The possibilities are endless.

Create a new page Give it a name, page type, url, heading, content and then, where this is a little different, Click the dropdown that says Members Access. A Select Box will then appear listing your Member Groups you just created. By Selecting one of them, once a member in that group has logged in, he or she will be able to access that page (Once Saved) however.

For instance, If you made it so only Gold level access can view it, then Bronze won't have access.

Additionally, we can also have it so When a member logs in, they can have additional Navigational items show up in the navigation bar tailored specifically to them.

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