Use your website as a mobile payment machine

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Use your website as a mobile payment machine

This blog post is part of a 6 part series Generate more money from your website.

With our SimpleCart App, you don’t need to lease a mobile payment machine to take credit card payments. You just need your computer or a tablet with your website loaded onto it.

Our platform supports payment gateways Stripe, Moneris, Beanstream and Paypal. making the money transfer process so much easier  - you don't need to worry about security because the payment gateways handle that which they are already pro.

Mobile Payment Machines can cost quite a bit of money and be difficult to get used to - unfortunately. But with your website being able to make purchases online, it's a breeze! Setup your products that you have in your shop or warehouse on your website shop and then enter your payment gateway information and once a purchase is made, you can then provide the product to your customer - whether you're at a trade show, conference or setting up a mobile kiosk, you can take the load off of your shoulders and have your website handle it.


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