Get your people talking

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Get your people talking

This blog post is part of a 6 part series Generate more money from your website.

We all know that sales today are heavily impacted by reviews. Especially online sales. It's a proven fact that a vast majority of millennials only purchase a product based on how good it's been reviewed.

A testimonial can be your best friend.

In this article, I'll be highlighting some ways that you can use testimonials to the advantage of your business - whether it's using for products, services or staff- there are more than enough ways for you to get creative. I will also be explaining how easy it is to set up on our platform. There are clear advantages. . . so why not, right?

Let's get to it, shall we?

Think about this for a minute, what is a testimonial? Briefly put, a testimonial is a review.

It can be a review of your services, products, team, or even, your teams’ review on your company and services. There's a lot of ways we can use testimonials, and each of these instances, can be applied to our websites.

Traditionally, testimonials have a separate section on your website that highlight all testimonials and that can be great. But, what if, people aren't directly going to your testimonials page?

You could be missing some prime opportunities for your organization, staff and other aspects of your business to have some well deserved acknowledgement.

...This my friends, is not so great.

To combat this problem, I've come up with a few proven solutions to ensure that your testimonials, at the very least, are read regularly. Once you implement these techniques you'll have a greater chance in making a sale. Whether it be a new client for a service, product, or partnership, the testimonial will be an proven asset to any business management toolkit.

  • Tip 1: Display your testimonials in a variety of places.
  • Tip 2: Make that testimonial Stand out.
  • Tip 3: Provide an easy way for people to submit a testimonial.

Tip 1: Display your testimonials in a variety of places.

Put em' on your home page

This seems a little obvious but there's a lot of people not doing this.

Here are a few ideas that we've used testimonials on client websites.

First of all, have a few testimonials on the home page. Believe it or not, people love to scroll. Research suggests that people are already scrolling even before the page is finished loading. Crazy eh?

Your home page should have a brief introduction to different sections of your website services. I.E; about, TESTIMONIALS, contact, etc. Strategically placing testimonials on your home page will only reinforce positive feedback on your product or service and brand.

Put em' on your showcase / portfolio pieces.

If you have a showcase of Clients or work you've done, in that showcase item, drop a testimonial from that client or customer in there with the case study. This tells your visitors that this is the work you've done for them and this is how much they loved working with you. Again, this further solidifies the connection that the visitor has with your brand, and service which they will be more likely to reach out to you or make a purchase.

Use em' on your about us page

This can also apply testimonials for your staff. Under your staff member biography, you can display a testimonial that they've provided for you about how much they love not only working for your company but also why they love working with you.

This can highlight a respected level of dedication from your staff about the service you provide to your customers and clients.

Tip 2: Make that testimonial stand out.

Style can go a long way. It can set the tone for your readers, and ultimately, set an expectation. Make sure that your testimonials send the right message from the way they’re styled.

Your users should be able to know when they’re reading a testimonial apart from your regular web page content. A few techniques for this is.

  1. Italicize the testimonial text.
  2. Give the testimonial box a complementing border that matches your branding.
  3. Change the font colour of the author of the testimonials - so it's easily recognizable.
  4. Change the font family (typeface) of the testimonial text.

Tip 3: Provide an easy way for people to submit a testimonial.

We've covered something similar to this by using the form app to create a photo campaign, but for this article, we'll do something similar by creating a (web/contact) Form that asks for their name, business (or company name), email (so we can follow up with a thank you or gift) and a url along with a text box for their testimonial.

With our platform, once you create the form, you'll be given a Smart Code which you can then paste on the bottom (or top) of your testimonial page where your customers and clients can submit their own testimonial for you to upload. Here's how that form could look:


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