Looking for business growth? Welcome, MailChimp.

I was going over the final details of a website launch with a client when asked:

  • Attila, I was going through the proposal again that you initially sent when we started with our project and I noticed MailChimp in there. I would like you to explain MailChimp and the Eblast Template to me."
    - Stephen Williams, APGeophysics Partner

I took a step back thinking to myself, how do I explain this to my customer while keeping him interested? There are so many different talking points on MailChimp, what it does, what the key features are, and how it can generate leads for a business either in their infancy or an industry leading fortune 500 company. Then thought to myself - I'll do it all.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp put simply is a marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes to grow an email subscriber list with the intentions of Generating Leads.

Many businesses use it to attract attention to their brand in various ways. Some businesses use it to push sales on new products, others use it as a tool for updating their customers or follower base. A great example of this is if you're part of an alumni group for a university, or even Subscribed to receive LinkedIN weekly profile updates those emails are timed, tracked and ultimately providing you information to your inbox with a particular goal in mind.

It's getting a message sent to your email to either inform you about updates or get you to buy something. It's a marketing tool.

How does it work?

The way it works is you get visitors from your website, social media and any other outlet to sign up for your mailing-list for however you want to use it, let's say you've created this email list for website visitors that want to learn about updates on projects you're currently working on. You would create a List "Overseas Project Updates" and each month you could send out an email about all the various project that your business is working on, highlight a Star-Employee, add Client Testimonial and a Call-To-Action for potential customers to start a project with your business that send the customer to a quote page.

You could send out an email like this once a month and as more people open and read your emails they will (hopefully) send it to friends and it will in-turn bring in new business.

With this in mind, you can track all sorts of metrics of your email campaigns (we'll talk more about this later) that can help you make more impactful emails that reach more people and make you more money.

What kind of emails can I send?

With email marketing, there are a 2 distinct types of readers, people that prefer visuals and people who prefer text but with this, it all depends on the circumstances.

For instance, when marketing is geared towards sales and large purchases for online programs (like webinars) in my experience, people much rather prefer a text email so it can read it quickly. For things like news updates or purchasing physical products (ahem Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Food Basics Email Flyers), people tend to prefer the email to be more visual in nature, they want to know what their buying OR be able to put a story in better context.

What kind of emails will my readers like?

Well, that all depends on what you're doing with email marketing. What are your goals? Are you looking to just inform your readers about updates or are you looking for them to take action, donate or purchase a service package? It's all about figuring out a strategy for your marketing goals and making the appropriate adjustments for it.

What metrics can I track

Earlier, we spoke about tracking metrics with MailChimp and this is incredibly useful to adjusting your marketing strategy. You wouldn't make an investment blindly without tracking how it's doing over time, so why would you do the same with your marketing efforts. They take time and can bring some pretty good sales coming through the door. 

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