Give em the pickle. A story about customer service.

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Give em the pickle. A story about customer service.

We've recently stumbled upon a great video about Customer Service that we wanted to share with you and believe it or not, it isn't boring and of all things, it's about a pickle

At first glance, you wouldn't think that this is a video that would have any relevance to todays busy hustle and bustle of our every day lives with our businesses. Give it a chance, kick back and enjoy the video transitions of the 90's while you get blown away about the power of great customer service

Give em the pickle - Take care of  your customer

  • Make serving others your  #1 priority!
  • Whats the extra thing you do to make your customer happy.

Change your attitude

  • How you think about your customer is how you treat them.
  • They are the boss whether they look like it or not.
  • Never forget that you are the face of the company to every customer you come in contact with.
  • Your customers don't care that you have problems and they don't want to see it. Stay professional.
  • If you can change an outcome, great! If not, change your perspective.

Be consistent

  • You must be consistent.
  • One of the main reasons someone goes back to a restaurant is because they like what happened last time and when they walk in and it didn't happen like it did last time, the first they notice is that you're slipping. Let me say this again, you must be consistent.
  • There are no shortcuts to consistency, it comes from setting high standards, practicing those standards every day and holding those high standards as non-negotiable.
  • Great customer service is about ordinary people doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
  • Once the customer gets the pickle, they're going to want it every time they come back.
  • Everything you do ends up infant of the customer so do it well.


  • It takes tremendous amount of teamwork for geese to fly long distances and they do it well.
  • Nobody can do it alone.
  • The best definition of team is a group of people that go out of their way to make each other look good.
  • Think about your team, could you fly better together? Is there a better way to get the job done? How can you help each other look good infront of customers? That's how you give away the team pickle.

Final Takeaways 

  • Serving others is a noble profession. Day in and day out we're in a position to brighten somebody's day.
  • Sometimes in the end giving pickles away means having the courage to do what it takes to make things right. Ask yourself how would you want the problem solved, then do it. Take care of the boss and you'll never go wrong.


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