Meet Tymbrel

Managing your website has never been easier.

Manage your website with ease

Always Cloud Hosting

Every Tymbrel Website is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-computing service.

Automatic Updates

Never worry about performing security updates. The Tymbrel Platform updates in the cloud to keep your website protected.

Routine Maintenance

Updates and maintenance are performed regularly to eliminate bugs and to keep your website loading fast and running smoothly.

Evolving Technology

Continuous improvement. Better performance. Up-to-date code. Your website will always be powered by the latest technology.

Unlimited Support

Questions about using the platform software? Reach out to our tech support team. It's free and unlimited for HWD customers.

Training & Webinars

Learn how to use the Tymbrel Platform, improve SEO results, and make your website work for you with our Training Videos and Webinars.

No need to install 3rd party plugins. Our built-in apps have  you  covered .

Make unlimited updates and turn your website into a marketing machine using the powerful Apps on our Platform.

  • Layout Manager

    The layout manager provides access to customize presentation and design.

  • Web Pages

    Add, edit and update unlimited web pages with built-in SEO tools.

  • Navigation

    Customize your website's navigation with fast, drag-and-drop controls.

  • Showcase

    Showcase your products, services or portfolios elegantly and professionally.

  • Blog

    Start a company blog with built-in SEO, social share buttons and optional visitor commenting.

  • Files

    Easily manage image & PDF files with drag-and-drop upload and image resizing and renaming tools.

  • Testimonial

    Post client testimonials with this simple App, and share them anywhere on your website.

  • Sitewide

    Easily post key marketing content to display consistently on pages throughout your website.

  • SEO Tools

    Get found on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Set your target keywords and analyze the competition.

  • Form Builder

    Build custom forms, surveys and more with a built-in, drag & drop form builder.

  • SimpleCart

    Sell products (including digital) or services online, with payment by credit card or PayPal.

  • Slideshow

    Wow your visitors with one or more customized, rotating image slideshows.

  • Photo Gallery

    Create beautiful, custom photo galleries easily with the drag-and-drop uploader.

  • Ad Agent

    Post ads or create promotions with built-in click tracking and the impression counter.

  • Calendar

    Create calendars to promote different events or important dates throughout the year.

  • News

    Share your latest press releases or news clips succinctly and professionally.

  • Settings

    Customize your Google settings, email type, contact form auto-messaging and more, in seconds.

  • Access

    Provide access to others with this user-permissions App. Easily define which users can access specific Apps.

  • Members

    Create members-only areas, sell subscriptions, and provide visitors with unique login credentials.

  • Training

    Access step-by-step training videos on how to make the most of the Apps found on your Dashboard.

E-Commerce Capabilties

Integrated. Easy to use. Ready to sell both physical and digital products.

The SimpleCart App is the best (and easiest) way to add eCommerce to your websites.

Sell online in 5 minutes or less

Most eCommerce systems are overkill. They are jammed with idiosyncratic features that don't apply to 95% of companies who want to sell online. SimpleCart is different.

The tools are completely integrated in the CMSIntelligence Platform - you simply need to input your company information, base settings and products, and you’re ready to sell.

Simple Cart App

Physical Products

Selling physical products (or services) with SimpleCart is easy.

  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Categories
  • Reusable Production Options
  • Customizable Shipping Settings

Simple Cart Digital Product

Digital Products

Sell digital products (like ebooks, audio files, downloadable files, etc.) directly in SimpleCart.

  • Unlimited Digital Products
  • Create Digital Product Bundles
  • Limit Downloads Per Sale

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

SimpleCart currently supports PayPal and Stripe for processing payment.

These gateways can be set up and installed in an instant with the intuitive settings.

Protect content on your website with the Members App.

The Members App helps you seamlessly include a private membership or subscription area on your website.

What can this App do?

This powerful tool allows businesses to offer digital products, provide online training and education, or simply offer businesses a staff-only area, with resources and downloads not accessible to the public.

Included Features:

  • Unlimited members-only pages
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited member groups/levels
  • Create members-only navigation menus
  • Unique logins for each member
  • Customizable ‘Welcome’ message for new users

Membership Websites

SEO Tools

Rank higher on Google with built-in SEO Tools.

The Tymbrel Platform helps you optimize your website, making it easy to find with search engines like Google.

Content Optimization

Every page and blog post created on the Tymbrel Platform has standard SEO tools right on the page. You can set unique meta information, define your keywords and analyze their effectiveness directly on the page.

You also have built-in tools to compare your pages to those of your competitors, to ensure you're hitting all the right keywords.

Included Features:

  • Full Meta Title, Description, Keyword control - per page
  • Keyword utilization analyzer
  • Keyword density analyzer
  • Competitor page compare

Stay ahead of the curve with the evolving platform.

With our cloud-based software, you're always using the latest version of our platform.

Weekly Platform Updates

Our platform is updated weekly and pushed out through the cloud. This means that you NEVER have to manually update the software or its features. All security patches, performance improvements, and new features are available to you the moment they are ready.

This saves a significant amount of time and internal resources. Focus your team's time on the jobs that bring in the highest return, rather than on updates and plugin compatibility.

Constantly Evolving Technology

Amazon Web Hosting

Cloud Computing Technology & Hosting

Our platform is hosted on cloud computing technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to deliver a consistently fast solution to our clients, and ensures maximum availability, uptime and SEO value.

Included Features:

  • Daily backups
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Enterprise-class security

To learn more, please view some of the AWS Case Studies.