Niagara College's hub for Entrepreneurial awareness, education and acceleration.

ncTakeOff is Niagara College's hub for entrepreneurial education.

By exposing NC students to the concept of entrepreneurship, ncTakeOff is building an innovative, enterprising and challenge-embracing culture across campus, in Niagara and beyond.

Catering to students, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing local businesses, we knew that we needed to step outside of the box so we did. We built the website on Our Intuitive CMS which is not only easy to use but also incredibly fast! We worked very closely with a marketing professional from Niagara College to create powerful marketing plan for the websites content.

Niagara College needed an interface that was easy to navigate, the content was easily readable and the that were resources provided were clearly laid out.

We were able to deliver on all of their demands and more!