Welcome, to the wonderful world of food and wine!

WineVirgin was developed with the mindset that enjoying food and wine should be simple and enjoyable without being pretentious.

WineVirgin came to us with a vision in mind; to bring the experience and culture of wine to people who haven't discovered it yet. They have taken curated a team of leading experts in the fields of wine tasting, culinary arts, event planning and social media under one roof to foster an enjoyable experience from the people un familiar to wine to even the experts.

WineVirgin's website offers several opportunities to learn about not only the lifestyle of wine but also how to how to host your own at-home parties and gatherings. You'll never struggle with pairing food with wine again. They've created a list of the top seasonal dishes that you can cook at home with ease to go along with the best wine pairing possible from Locally Sourced wine (Niagara and Ontario) that you may not have heard of yet, but must try.